what is passionate sex?

Passionate sex is not merely a climax of a lovemaking affair. You need to get in the right mindset to have it. In this article, I will cover four essential tips to have passionate sex with your partner. These tips include making the first move, adding foods that slow down sex, and creating a seductive atmosphere in the bedroom. Lastly, I’ll talk about removing routine checks and ruts that keep you from having passionate sex.

Making first move to enjoy passionate sex

While there are many benefits to making the first move, some men and women are hesitant to do it. It can seem uncomfortable and even dangerous to initiate sex with someone you just met. Women should understand that men can make a great first move to get the attention of a man, but men should also be aware that the right time to initiate sex is right now, and not tomorrow. If you want to make the first move to enjoy passionate sex with someone you just met, you need to know the right ways to do it.

Adding foods to slow sex

Adding foods to slow sex can help turn a boring sex session into a delicious one. Adding strawberries to a slow sex session will make it more enjoyable for both you and your partner. Besides, strawberry flavoring lube is easy to clean and tastes good, too! But it’s not all sweet and sexy! There are also other ways to spice up slow sex.

Creating a seductive atmosphere in the bedroom

If you’re looking to create a sultry bedroom atmosphere, then you need to prepare it. Turn off the television and place a velvet or faux fur throw over the bed. You can also put a bottle of champagne and some strawberries or cherries in a bowl in the bedroom. After that, light some candles and enjoy your sex. Whether you choose classical music or rock, make sure you’ve prepared everything so that the mood is right.

Getting rid of routine checks and ruts to have passionate sex

Routine check and ruts in relationships can make it harder for both of you to experience passionate sex. But it doesn’t have to be this way. According to a licensed marriage and family therapist, getting out of these routines is easier than you might think. First, talk about your feelings. Try to figure out why you’re not as passionate as you once were.

Maintaining a passionate relationship

Intense physical intimacy and the desire to explore new experiences are essential ingredients of a passionate relationship. Intimacy should be matched with independence. If the desire for sex is purely physical, you can still enjoy new experiences apart from your partner. You may also choose to attend marital therapy to help you build your passion level. But the key to maintaining a passionate relationship in sex is to stay committed and make an effort to develop the intimacy in your sex life.

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