Vagina changes after childbirth

The vagina of a woman is flexible and can stretch according to requirement. During pregnancy, there are several changes occur which result in Vagina changes after childbirth. According to gynecologist and professional las vegas escorts, there are 4 main changes that occur in the vagina after childbirth. Escort recommends tips and care precautions to follow during these changes to reduce pain and other important Symptoms.

Types of vaginal changes precautions to take

The changes in the vagina after childbirth should be taken on a serious note, although these changes don’t affect anything in your genitals or body taking precautions and care recommended by vegas escorts can help in better and faster recovery from these changes. Vaginal changes after childbirth include:-

  • Wider vagina:- When you give birth to a child, your vagina becomes wider as it stretches to an extent so that the baby can pass through it out from the womb. The vagina feels softer, wider and loose after childbirth. Normally this stretch and swelling in the vagina reduces after 4-5 days of your childbirth and the vagina returns to normal size. Your vagina won’t get to its perfectly normal shape like before pregnancy but you can maintain the size by some pelvic floor exercises, which you can perform during shopping, watching tv, or have a separate routine for these.
  • Dryness in the vagina:- After childbirth, the vagina becomes dry and this occurs because of low estrogen levels as compared to pregnancy. Breastfeeding also affects and sometimes increases the dryness of the vagina. This dryness goes away with time when your periods return and breastfeeding stops. Vegas escort Recommends using proper lubrication while having sex during dryness vagina period to reduce friction. If the dryness doesn’t go away and starts to bother you, then you should immediately visit your health adviser.
  • Soreness and stitches in the perineum:- After childbirth, the vagina can feel sore and painful. To make this situation better, escort professionals always prefer to do pelvic floor exercises, as it stimulates and strengthens the muscles around vagina making it stronger and return to its normal condition. After child birth, perineum can feel sore due to tears and damages on skin. You need stitches for that to repair. It is recommended to keep perineum clean and always take care. If pain and irritation occur immediately consult to your health adviser.


  • Pain during sex:- After childbirth, having sex can be a painful experience, as it takes almost 12-15 weeks for the vagina to get into normal condition. For having sex, you should take care of using proper water-based lubricants, massage of the vagina before and after sex is a must to perform the procedure.


By following all tips given by las vegas escorts you can maintain your vagina healthy after childbirth and reduce the symptoms of vaginal changes after childbirth.

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