An cheap escorts opinion on sexless marriage

Sex less marriage has become a great issue in present times. According to experienced las vegas cheap escorts sexless marriage or period of sexlessnes has become a problem across the world.

With time partners loss their sexual desires and interest in each other and starts living with each other as best friends. Psychologist researchers say that there are several reasons for a sexless marriage. Sexless marriage cure or treatments are also there that top escorts recommend but you need to know the reason why your marriage became sexless.

Reasons for sexless marriage

  • No discussion about sex:- Communication is the key to every relationship, but when the level of communication between couples, especially there is no communication about your sexual desires, insecurities. The attachment between couples starts to decline causing a sexless state in marriage.
  • Depression:- Under depression, sex drive is not initiated and the stress of work or life problems, distant you Sfrom the present which results in a sexless state.
  • Mental health issues:- Like physical health issues, sexual intimacy also gets affected by mental health issues like anxiety, trauma, depression, and some medications also cause sexual dysfunction.
  • Sexual abuse:- Sexual abuse or trauma of past sexual abuse can also be the reason why marriage goes through sexless state. Sexual abuse triggers past experiences which cause in low or no sex drive failing to perform or accept any sexual relation.
  • Low testosterone:- With age, testosterone levels of people declines. Testosterone is the main hormone that triggers sex drive and thus low testosterone levels mean lower sex drives.
  • Declining sex drive:- Depression, anxiety, mental trauma, etc cause a sudden decline in sex drives of people.
  • Mismatch in sexual expectations:- Sometimes there is a mismatch between the sexual expectations of partners or they have unrealistic sex desires which another partner is unable to fulfill. Over expectations in sex lead to dissatisfaction and deter you from trying.
  • Performance anxiety:- Performance anxiety regarding sex sometimes become so serve that it causes a high level of stress and pressure under which, it becomes easier for couples to postpone or decline sex.
  • Loss of interest:- There are some situations in which you lose interest in having sex with the same person and loose interest which not only affects your bonding but also affects the marriage and your sex life.

According to top cheap escorts, you can cure your sexless marriage by following these tips:-

Sexless marriage cure or treatments

A Sexless marriage can only be cured when you discuss your problems, feelings, expectations and talk openly about sex with your partner as a cure for sexless marriage lies in communicating and solving the problems you face with each other. Getting proper sex education also helps in understanding each other sex language.





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